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    I wanted to finally post something on here as the whole issue went completely haywire due to an error on my part; an assumption that we are artists. Artists are or can be a collective, a force of creativity, a force that wants to share information and create an experience with one another. I know that we are theindependent field, we are independent filmmakers, but we rely so much on one another and of course our loved ones to accomplish even the smallest of projects. Lately I feel that this strange cloud of elitism has struck the community of independent film making and this forum as a whole, which seems to be the most common symptom of the internet (sadly). It seems that one now must approach every idea, every festival, as though this was a studio produced film and therefore provide legally binding contracts, stipulations for every caveat, and everything must be as cut and dry as everything before it, because that is how it is done. This script or the idea behind it was to allow more than one director, actor, crew, etc to create a short film, and to see how different the visions of many could create a multitude of different feelings, story arcs, just possibilities in general, out of one small script. My goal, my motive, was to send something out to the digital world for free in hopes of assisting the catalysis of the creation of original film. It appears that I failed miserably. I should apologize for my assumptions and ask for forgiveness from most of you. I assumed that we could trust one another and were not all looking for our own 15 minutes and ergo did not need to produce fine print, but it appears the professionalism calculated by me was underestimated. I did not realize how corporate we were in this community and thus again apologize for assuming otherwise. I must have been nostalgic of my wonder years when I, friends, and acquaintances could draft up a small project and want nothing more of it other than to watch it and marvel at the beauty of what we were capable of doing together, and hoped that others would enjoy it as much as we did.

    That is all, thank you.
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