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    i use these for on-camera use:

    fully dimmable and variable color temp which is really handy and accepts sony l-series batteries
    typically use them on my hpx170 (which is about the same size as an hmc150) but have put them on a tiny gh2 as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taky View Post
    Yeah they have similar form factor. but these lights are way much brighter than LP micro. However, their warming filter is too yellow + green tint. I also have these lights avaialble.
    I find it strange that many people vouch for Taky and his light. A while back i bought the 1800 from Lacolorshop, after a short while the light started behaving strange, it drains the battery whenever i try to adjust the beamer knob. I have tried to write to them several times(five to be specific) but they have ignored all my mails, i have tried different ways but they have just refused to even acknowledge my mail.

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    Ya - I just missed a Comer 1800 on ebay for $115. Im not paying any more than that for a Chinese knock off product - it looks identical to all the other straight out of China junk on ebay. In that regard I have a Neewer 160LED panel light I got for $28 shipped I think off Amazon and it rocks.

    Its time to step up to a professional light though for ENG - I think Ill go Anton Bauer and a belt pack.

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