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    DIY Monitor Tripod Mount
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    I just received my Lilliput 7" 669 monitor and decided to make my own mount for my Bogen 501 and sticks. It uses PCV pipe my favorite raw material. This design allows adjustment of the monitor and does not put it too high on top of the HMC 150. This is useful for the standup green screen stuff I mostly do where the camera needs to be at eye level.

    Here's what it looks like:
    CameraMount.jpg CameraMount1.jpg
    The design allows you to swing and orientate the monitor in any position around the camera independant of the camera. It also allows the monitor to act as a teleprompter right under the lens if you use and external computer to feed the Lilliput.

    I noticed that the overscan on the 7" #669 is close to the reference marks on the HMC 150 built in monitor as seen in this superimposed picture.


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    ^^ hey that looks pretty good!!

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    very nice I want to make one

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    Good job! Who needs an isreali arm! I used to make electronic drum sets out of PVC pipe. I love that stuff.

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