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    Dark Cloud @ 30% opacity on my LCD monitor
    Has anyone else experienced this? There is what appears to be a dark cloud like formation on my flip-out LCD monitor (think black set at 30% opacity).

    Annoying at hell to look at while filming as it makes part of the frame darker. Closing the flipout LCD monitor and looking through the eyepiece said cloud not there. Nor does the cloud appear in footage imported into computer.

    Suggestions? Empathy?

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    oh, fyi my camera is the HVX-200 bought back in March of 2006.

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    Okay, for those on the verge of posting, here are some jpgs out of my photobucket of what I am talking about.

    blue field

    gray field (when about to turn off)

    over image

    not in eyepiece

    and it does not show up on the MFX files so it is definitely the flip out

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    did you buy the camera used? looks like somebody either poked at the screen or tried to clean it with something...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wgzn View Post
    did you buy the camera used? looks like somebody either poked at the screen or tried to clean it with something...
    thanks for responding

    nope, bought it new back in 2006

    had it sitting for a while and noticed the change when shooting a small project

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    That would be REALLY annoying to shoot with. We've seen that in the past and I think the solution was to replace the entire LCD screen. If you need to talk to our service center guys about it you can call them at 1-800-359-1858.

    Ask for Keith or John.

    I hope this helps.

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    Update on the Black Cloud of Doom

    It appears to be shrinking with the smaller area a touch darker!

    Huzzah . . . sort of! (in a slightly nerve-racking way)

    possible theories: buffoonish camera assistant may have use lens cleaner to wipe away finger prints? electronic ghost image of DW Griffith? sinister plot initiated by Sony to disfigure flip out images?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJDecay View Post

    Looks like some polarizing film adhesives not working or failing diode area,

    In all likelihood, the screen was compressed physically when in storage for some time, leave it to sit without pushing on it and it should return to normal,

    you may want to apply some pressure to the edges of the LCD where it would mate with the rubber transfer elements (i've seen this happen with laptop screens) - when cleaning biggest concern was static charge to the transistors, or caustic chemicals eating the display coat,

    this is definitely not it, this is more like back light panel or polarized film issues due to physical pressure onto screen from packaging.
    Thanks DJDecay!

    This info really helps. A few questions:

    1. would a pelican case cause this? I bought one that was cut for the HVX-200 but am wondering if this might be the problem. Right now I have the camera out of the case sitting on my desk. My camera was being stored in the pelican during both phases of the screen changes. Could it have been cause by storing it for a long time at a bad angle against the foam?

    2. in regards to applying pressure -- would small blinder clamps be too much?

    or should I just use light finger pressure for five seconds around the edges? ten seconds?

    and should one apply pressure while cleaning the LCD?

    thanks again for stopping by this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJDecay View Post
    Just a tad on edges with fingers, on the plastic edges --- also theory 3.0 - if you live in a damp part of the world ---- mold/water condensation damage?
    nah, out here in Los Angeles . . . not a drop of water for miles

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    May update on LED Cloud - left camera out of pelican case

    Appears to be mostly gone

    Huzzah to the Film Gods - they heard my tears

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