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    If you think I missed an important link, please drop me a note with the link. This proved to be difficult to decide which threads to include and which to skip; I didn't want the list to get out of hand.


    HMC40 FAQ & Articles, Comments not allowed in this thread, use the seconds thread

    Comments & Questions About The HMC40 FAQs And Articles

    The HMC Book - now available

    Panasonic HMC40 tutorials
    Basic, but helpful...


    Barry Green's First Look
    A great review and introduction to the HMC40. Barry answers a number of questions.

    Bob's Tests & Comments on the HMC40
    Something of a BLOG as Bob Tests his HMC40. This does have some ideas and tips.

    HMC 40 first use
    Kyle101 talks about his first shoots on his HMC40.

    AG-HMC40 Video on Vimeo
    Jan Crittenden Livingston, Panasonic post the link to Panasonic's Video on the HMC40 and users make comments.

    Low Light Footage from HMC40
    Barry shows us his low light footage from the HMC40.


    Panasonic HMC40 tutorials
    Basic, but helpful...

    White balancing procedure?
    A discussion on how to properly white balance the camera.
    Another thread, same topic.

    Scene File Setup for HMC40
    This starts with a discussion on a good scene file setting and moves to Time Lapse.
    See Message #26:
    See Message #08:

    Best way to erase clips after Log and Transfer? Best way to backup/archive??
    Ideas on file transfer and a few comments about backup.

    Avoid trouble: Format SD cards in the camera
    Sound advice.

    HMC40 & YouTube...
    Don't let the title fool you, this covers lots of tips for shooting with the HMC40.

    hmc40 sports/fast movement tests?
    Users talk about shooting fast moving sports, links to clips.

    Best settings/accessories for wildlife
    How To Adjust Exposure (There's more than one way...)

    Waveform monitor adjustment tips:

    MTS Join Tool: Very important when you have a clip that exceeds the 4GB limit.


    What's a low cost mic.

    Another thread on microphones & XLR Adapters.

    HMC40 XLR inputs and beachtek
    Tests on the Beachtek XLR adapter.

    HMC40 with XLR adapter (STILLS)
    Photos and comments on the Panasonic XLR Adapter.

    HMC40 and Century 0.5x Wide Angle [PICS]
    User Tries out his new Century 0.5x Wide angle adapter.

    Additional Comments on Wide Angle Adapters...

    Which SDHC Card should one buy and which should one avoid.

    User comments on the Glidecam 2000 Pro.


    Please compare other cameras to the HMC40 here, Thanks.
    General thread for camera comparisons.

    What to buy? Panasonic HMC40, Sony FX7, etc.
    The FX7 and A1 are compared to the HMC40.

    hmc40 or fx7?
    HMC40 vs. FX7

    HMC40 vs. FX7 vs. GL2?
    Comparison between these cameras.


    What Questions (and Answers) Should Be In An HMC40 FAQ???
    General area to give suggestions for FAQ Topics.

    HMC40 Wish List, What Would You Want To See...
    What Firmware features would you like added.

    HMC40/Windows users here?
    PC Users talk about editing software for the PC.

    HMC40: Any gripes or grumbles
    What things bother HMC40 Users.

    Video plays fast and audio is normal, why?
    The 720/30p issue with transcoding on the MAC.

    Trans-code Test On MAC, (Toast & VideoPier), this has a link to example videos (Message 9

    I've got an HCM40 and $1000, what should I invest in?
    Add-On Suggestions for the HMC40.

    Considering the HMC 40/41 for high motion footage
    This get into the CMOS vs. CCD issues and Rolling Shutter Issues.

    HMC40 skew against 7D
    Barry Green shows the shift caused by the rollowing shutter.

    Bob Diaz - Mod for the HMC40 section
    Last, but not least, if any issues with this sub-forum, come up, here's the place to talk about it.

    If you have a question that you don't find an answer to here, first try the Search Function, it really helps locate things. If that fails, please do not PM me with a question: (1) I just don't have enough free time to deal with everyone's question directly. (2) Others may have the exact same question and having the question and answers appear publicly helps everyone.

    Bob Diaz
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    There are from different threads, but should be very helpful information to new Users:
    Quote Originally Posted by Jan_Crittenden View Post

    We have launched about 14 small videos over on YouTube that describe certain parts of the operation of this little camera. These are designed to help the NEW User in getting acquainted with their camera. So please take a look and enjoy:

    Let us know what you think.

    All the best,


    Quote Originally Posted by JoeJITSU View Post
    Just found these. ENJOY!
    (Very Very Basic)

    "How to use the scene files"

    "how to manage my data"

    "how do I navigate all menus"

    "how and when do I set shutter speeds?"

    "What is pre_rec mode and interval recording?"

    "How do I take stills?"

    "how do I play back footage?"

    "What is optical image stabilization?"

    "What is white balance?"

    "What is focus assist?"

    Bob Diaz


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