Seriously. We're all adults here. Well mostly. Fortunately the few teenagers we have seem to know how to behave within the spirit of community. For the rest of us - we're all adults. So ... seriously.


  • pee on people's parade.
  • try to "out" anonymous entries in threads.
  • try to DQ people publicly.
  • try to DQ creative marketing campaigns
  • etc.
You're free to do the above if you want. But it just makes you look like a party pooper in the best case scenario, and douche bag in the worst case scenario. Not very compatible with the spirit of community, or fun. (but well within the spirit of ruthless competitiveness and greed, i.e., prize hungriness.)

In some cases tattling to other members or outing people might actually get you into trouble for breaking the rules. If something is an accepted rule - like the right to be anonymous if cleared with us, and you try to out that filmmaker or group ... then who is breaking the rules / doing something underhanded?


  • talk behind the back with PM campaigns trying to discredit a film for something you perceive as some sort of technical rule-breaking or snafu or conspiracy.
Doing so could be considered cheating / vote rigging by banding a group of people together to influence the vote behind the scenes. As such it may be ground for immediate, permanent banning.

It could also be considered breaking the rules. Anonymous entries are allowed when cleared with us first. They have been for a while. If you think it's some unfair advantage is gained by entering anonymously, you're free to enter anonymously the next time. But trying to "out" someone is breaking the rules - since being anonymous is allowed. So doing could result in banning from future fest participation or banning altogether.


  • contact US, as in the mods, if you feel a film has been incorrectly allowed in to competition, is breaking some rule, or if you think anything untoward is going on in the film's thread or competition.
This is not tattle-telling, this is voicing a concern, a concern which we can ease with an explanation of what's actually going on (in some cases). A concern that we can reassure you about (though we may not be able to say why at the time). Or a concern that turns out to be legitimate and we'll act on it.

We lose sleep over keeping these contests fair. At some point you have to trust that and work WITH Us, or take your mouse clicks elsewhere. We should all be on the same team because we want the same thing - a fair contest. If you don't chose to either work with us or take your mouse clicks elsewhere and instead choose option "C" - some kind of vigilante obstructionism to the rules already in place - then we may take your mouse clicks elsewhere for you.