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Wish I had the time to enter good luck everyone.


I know. I just want to mention again I gave 6 months for people to get something in. This is not for my benefit, or for the CGIFest's benefit. I'm a volunteer remember, and a reluctant one at that, from the beginning. It's for the dvxuser fest filmmakers. The ones that perpetuate this site. The ones we are here for. The ones we watch and learn from.

I must say I'm disgusted with the response we've had regarding this fest.
That goes to all dvxusers who I know could put in up a couple days out of their time but didn't. Why is that? What's the deal?

We'll have the viewing up after January to give Larry a break over the holidays and we'll see you then.

Thanks for the interest from everyone else and sorry we couldn't get a better response.