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    Script for The Tell
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    Here is the final version of The Tell.

    Related to the "one page equal one minute" discussion above, The Tell presented an interesting challenge. Before shooting, we had to create and record all of the music. If you listen, the music is just one long song. So, using the script Devon and I went section by section and estimated the time needed for the action in each section. We then wrote a description of the look/feel for that section of the music. Finally, I recorded the verses and tune playing my guitar into the voice recorder on my iPhone. (I have this original sound file but haven't figured out how to post just a sound file. I might lay it down on a black video line and post it that way. I think people might get a kick out of hearing the origins.)

    We sent all of this to Jake Oken-Berg, a local musician (solo artist and lead singer of The Retrofits) who wrote the full "score", keeping it to the time limits we outlined.

    To close the loop on how we produced it, Jake and a female singer friend of his sang a reference track. Then, the week before we shot, we brought in the actors (Todd and Norm) as well as Ellie Simnitt (singing double for Jillian) to record their vocals. So, on the set, the all lip synced to the actual track.
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    Here is the latest rev we had before we started production. Still missing lots of shots that were added in in pencil

    'Bits And Pieces' rev 9 shooting. by Leah Weinberger.
    Bits and Pieces_shooting.pdf

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