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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney V. Smith View Post
    Same here. The mods are usually very good about this so it's like entering the Bermuda Triangle of Wierdness. Maybe something is going on with the suppliers. Kessler got their stuff out fast so you gotta wonder whats going on with the others...
    Actually. Lets call it like it is. Post fest prize distribution has always been a problem. Take it from a mod who was just a member when I won prizes way back in the first big DVX fest, Zombie Fest.

    Prize distro is a train wreck of logistics: not offending sponsors by getting all up in their grill about something they're giving the collective "us" for free (arguably) and DVXuser admin and mod workload.

    That's not to say it's cool - but that's reality. People should know it going in. People should know it when they win the prizes. So that expectations = reality. We are working on it though. But you should hope to one day be pleasantly surprised by extremely fast turn around of post fest prizes rather than expect it now.

    Here's the three things you can / and sort of have to do to make this work as well and as fast as possible for you if you are a prize winner:

    1. Stay squeaky. I'm not sure on the current process - if Jason has asked you guys to contact sponsors or asked you to go through him, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. That doesn't mean hire a private detective to find someone's home phone number and call them every hour. It probably does mean send at least one PM / email a week once you've been waiting more than a couple of weeks. After a couple of weeks of emails, call if you can.
    2. Stay polite / leave whomever you're dealing with an out. While you do want to stay squeaky, you want to be the nicest, most appreciative, most polite squeaky possible. YES you did do something to DESERVE these prizes. They're not charity. They're rewards for excellence. BUT they are generous rewards, and while your excellence has entitled you to them, you must not act entitled. It just won't get you anywhere. Polite. Differential. Leave them an out, meaning: don't condemn them for being slow to ship. Rather let them know you understand. It's totally cool. No hard feelings. But you need your shizzle. So in any communication,
      • I'd thank them for donating the prizes or setting up the opportunity to get them.
      • Ask when you might get it.
      • Assure them that you understand about the delay and that you still appreciate the prize.
      • Reiterate that you are a struggling filmmaker and that you'd really like to use the gear on your next project, because said gear (which they have made or sell) is so dang cool, useful, revolutionary, essential, etc.
    3. Remain patient. I'm not sure why this isn't as simple as ordering something and getting it in a timely fashion, but it isn't. You will get it. But you have to stay on the people involved. Do not count on this gear as make or break for your next project. Do not count on selling it to pay the rent. Again you will get it. But right now it's just a slow process.
    I feel your pain. I've been in your position several times. Good luck.

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    Yeah, it's totally not cool, and it's usually mostly just my fault for not being super quick about it.

    Getting some kind of system worked out so it's easier for everyone involved is a must on the list and hopefully will get that going smoother.

    At any rate, I have been slowly getting these going out to folks. It's just one of those things that always ends up "damn, I gotta get these prizes together and sent out.

    To jack's little bullet list... Yes, please do feel free to stay on top of me about this stuff. I tend to forget sometimes or it slips off the list as other things come up, etc. So, if you need to (not too rudely) keep on me about it, it's not only allowed, but appreciated sometimes

    Sometimes, the "little jobs" the smaller ongoing tasks get to be a lot and some stuff gets lost in the mix... Gotta work on my organizational skills. I get into big upcoming projects and the littler things that are an email that I "need to remember to get back with him later"... slip off the list and on and on it goes.

    I know, it sucks for you guys, and getting a better prize distro system in place is a high priority. The "smaller jobs" pile up quickly here while bigger, more time sensitive jobs sometimes take precedence. I have been slowly chipping away at this though, and I hope to have everything sorted very soon.

    Oh, and if anyone has any good ideas on a way to make prize fulfillment go more smoothly and quickly for all 3 of the parties involved (the winners, the site, and the sponsors) feel free to fire them at me in pm or email.

    I was actually thinking recently that it would be cool if prizes and such could be entered into a database and code setup so after a fest, I just have to enter the name of the winners into a form and then the code magically ties the winner with their sponsor(s) and fires an email off to both of them in order to get the ball rolling. Automating initial contact with an email that would provide everyone with all the info they need to get the prizes out... Good idea anyways... Hopefully something that could be written into code and implemented one day.


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