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    MonsterFest Winners & Prizes!!!
    Congratulations to each and everyone of you. As always...

    The fest is here for you guys.

    This was a real tight battle this time around. Both the member vote and the Juror's vote. In fact, we really had no idea what the juror vote was going to turn out to be until all of them were in.

    Was a fun and interesting ride this time.

    So...... First, the results of the Panel Vote

    1st (8.57) DISPATCH by Nobelo
    2nd (8.29) BITS AND PIECES by Edgen
    3rd (7.29) RED AND THE WOLF by AJ Brooks
    4th (7.00) ONE PERCENT by Michael Anthony Horrigan
    5th (6.86) THE TELL by lyonfilms (5)
    5th (6.86) THE DEVIL’s TOY by Sprocketboy
    7th (6.57) MERCY by Troy Ruff
    8th (6.43) THE JONES' by Marlon Ladd
    9th (6.29) MONSTERS BEWARE! by cinealma
    10th (6.14) THE COOKIE JAR by chstick
    10th (6.14) SINNERGY by Geoff_R
    12th (6.00) ATTACK OF THE KILLER AUTOMOBILE by mobiledeli
    13th (5.71) LEARNING TO PREY by Shawn Philip Nelson
    (link to view each juror's ballot)

    Jack Daniel Stanley... Tell 'em what they've won! (Jack really kicked ass for you guys. Make sure you tell him thanks.)

    SCREENING SLOTS not only for first place as announced, but for the TOP THREE FILMS @ BOTH

    *In addition FRIGHT NIGHT FILM FESTIVAL has offered to screen the top three films from each year's horror themed fest moving forward! Too cool!

    Fee waiver for DISPATCH at SHRIEKFEST

    REVIEWS for the 1st place film, but other finalists may receive reviews as well.

    At least one film not in the final top 3 has peaked interest from a distributor (we'll put you in touch).

    And Justin Durban will be contacted for a blog talk radio interview on Indie Horror Radio with Parrish Randall.




    DVXuser Member vote results:

    1. Dispatch - NOBELO 8.6421%
    2. Red and the Wolf - AJ Brooks 7.2809%
    3. Bits and Pieces - Edgen 7.2255 %
    4. Sinnergy - Geoff_R 7.2083%
    5. The Tell - lyonfilms 6.7841%
    6. One Percent - Michael Anthony Horrigan 6.5876%
    7. The Devil's Toy - Sprocketboy 6.5824%
    8. THE JONES' - Marlon Ladd 6.4943%
    9. Monsters Beware! - cinealma 6.3774%
    10. Mercy - Troy Ruff 6.3000%
    11. Learning to Prey - Shawn Philip Nelson 5.8878%
    12. Attack of... Automobile - mobiledeli 5.8700%
    13. The Cookie Jar - chstick 5.7722%


    Prizes for the member vote will be announced tomorrow. Still wrapping up a couple of them. They will be listed in the following post as well as who won what. I'll try to do much better with getting the prize stuff taken care of quicker this time.


    Thanks again to everyone who entered. I'm really glad to have been able to watch such a wide range of films in the fest, to see some filmmakers grow, and others mature, etc, etc, etc.

    Thanks to JDS for putting together a kick ass panel to mix things up a bit and hopefully introduce something new that we've been wanting to do with the fests for a long time in addition to the member vote.

    Thanks to Larry, our FestMaster. Though, he may never see daylight, he is always hard at work behind the scenes making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

    Thanks to all the other mods as well for helping to make DVXuser a great place, and DVXFest the coolest and most open fest on the web. Always free. and it will remain open to all who wish to participate in the process.

    Thanks to everyone who picked up their camera and made a film. That's what it's all about. Doesn't really matter if you fell on your face or rose to the top. It's the process, and the experience of it all and actually doing it that matters most. I hope you will all continue to make films for fun, for work, or for any reason that you may decide to pick up a camera.

    Thanks to those of you who took the time to rate the films, and to those of you who also took the time to provide such wonderful feedback for the filmmakers.


    Enough thanks? Next Fest?




    BetrayalFest. Betrayal. yup.



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    Member Vote Prizes

    1st Place: Dispatch
    Cool Lights, Light Kit
    (Quantity 2) LED 600 Panels

    (Quantity 1) LED 256 Panel

    Link to view detailed info on the 3 LED Panels:

    Plus One Softbox ($99) and Three Light Stands ($59 x 3).

    3 Light Complete Kit = Approximately $1500.00

    Landmine Media/DVXuser
    $500.00 Cash Prize


    2nd Place: Red and the Wolf
    Manhattan LCD
    8.9" HD Pro Monitor HD8900 720P

    Valued at $1,000. Full Details Here:

    RODE Blimp

    Valued at $299. Full Details Here:


    3rd Place: Bits & Pieces
    Manhattan LCD
    8.9" HD Pro Monitor HD089B (NTSC & PAL)

    $600. Full Details Here:

    Barry Green
    $250.00 Cash Prize



    THE JONES: Sleeper Hit Award

    The Sleeper Hit Award recognizes a film worth seeing that had particularly high ratings with a core group of Audience Members and /or Jurors.

    Minislider. $99

    Full Details here:

    THE TELL: Creative Vision Award
    The Creative Vision Award recognizes a film that exemplifies outside-of-the box-thinking and shows unique creativity.

    Formatt FM-600 Matte Box
    Valued at $439.00
    Full Details Here:

    CINEALMA: Sustained Excellence Award
    The Sustained Excellence Award recognizes individuals with a sustained history of outstanding entries.

    VZ-FX75 .7 Wide Ange Converter Lens

    Value. $599. Full Details here:

    MICHAEL ANTHONY HORRIGAN: Sustained Excellence Award

    The Sustained Excellence Award recognizes individuals with a sustained history of outstanding entries.

    Kessler Crane
    KC-Lite Crane
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website. We can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. If the video does not play, wait a minute or try again later.

    Value. Approximately $400. Full Details Here:

    MATTY G: Sustained Excellence in Cinematography
    The Sustained Excellence in Cinematography Award recognizes individuals with a sustained history of excellence in DVXuser Fest cinematography.

    Landmine Media/DVXuser
    $250.00 Cash Prize

    Minislider. $99

    Full Details here:

    vii: Best New Comer Award
    A first time fest entrant who ranked highly amongst his/her peers in the member vote.

    Manhattan LCD
    7.1" HD Pro Monitor HD071A (NTSC & PAL)

    Value. $599.00. Full Details Here:

    JUSTIN DURBAN/EDGEN: Special Mention in Film Scoring

    For scoring all three winning entries.

    Minislider. $99

    Full Details here:


    Additional Randomly Awarded Prizes:

    DVXuser Member Nathyn has offered to donate 10 copies of his book "Action Filmmaking" to DVXFest Particpants. Awarded randomly to non-top 3 finishers, as follows:
    Mr Fluffy
    Arturo Sanchez
    Scott Lovejoy

    DVXuser Battery. Given at random to entrants who shot on a camera that is compatible with these batteries:
    Dustin R. Rogan
    EditPhish and JTyner

    Congratulations to everyone who entered and to those of you who won prizes as well.

    Thanks as always to our sponsors for stepping up to help out the members of the site.


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    Congrats to the winners!

    Betrayal sounds like fun.


    MONSTERFEST : 4th Place - Sustained Excellence Award - WESTFEST: 3rd Place - THRILLFEST: 3rd Place

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    DVXFest Promo Guru Rodney V. Smith's Avatar
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    Congrats you guys.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Ramsey View Post

    EDIT: Good guess on the fest, horrigan

    Well I guessed "Betray Al Roker Fest".. doesn;t that count?

    Rodney Smith - Flyin' Monkey Films
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    Senior Member ramsaur's Avatar
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    Congrats to all!! Can't wait to start on Betrayal. Interesting theme to play with.

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    Senior Member Ryan E. Walters's Avatar
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    Congrats to everyone - it was quite the fest this time around!

    BTW - Any details on how to collect on the prizes would be great. I know that the team I worked on last fest is still trying to collect. So specifics would be appreciated.
    Ryan E. Walters
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    "Too often people get caught up in the technical end of things ... They are missing the point completely. This way there is no proper input of individual personality." Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC.

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    Still Alive Mod Jack Daniel Stanley's Avatar
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    Here's the individual Juror's Ballots (anonymous).

    Thought seeing these would be a positive thing for folks. While a clear top 3 eventually bubbled up, it wasn't obvious that it would necessarily go the way it wound up going as the first half or so of the ballots came in. There was little consensus at that point.

    So this underscores the lesson I keep learning festival after festival. It's highly subjective. Someone will really like your movie. Someone won't get t. Someone will value originality above all else; someone else will favor a familiar story executed brilliantly (for example). Just shows to go you.

    But as you can see from the ballots below. Some panelists weren't uniformly into the final top 3 and some were really fond of movies that wound up placing lower in the final tally.

    ANONYMOUS JUROR BALLOTS no longer available.

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    Senior Member Susanne G.'s Avatar
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    Congratulations to all filmmakers. This was one of the most interesting fests. To see the different opinions and different tastes, makes it still more interesting. Thanks to all mods for their great effort to realize it and thanks for the transparency of the votes.


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    Senior Member TMerry's Avatar
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    BIG Congrats to all who won, placed or even made a film!
    God knows it's a process, and all should be proud.
    And as Jack said, look at the Jurors, their favorites are
    varied. Which means, it might be the
    10, 20th or 30th festival that screens your film before
    it becomes the festival's top dog! Never give up.

    As to all you lame-0s that didn't finish your film in time
    uumm..wait a minute...... I'm talking about ME.
    I'll shut up now. :-)

    Sincere Congrats to the winners!

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    Senior Member Luis_'s Avatar
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    congrats! congrats! congrats!
    MonsterFest films are awesome!
    can't wait to see "Dispatch Part II" next Halloween
    Luis R Cosme

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