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    Thanks Barry. I appreciate your input.
    I'll probably buy the camera alone and live with it for a while before deciding if I need a higher quality recorder. From reading it seems the HPG 20 has the best quality by a long shot, therefore worth the inconvenience. I'm a former BVW-35 owner (stand alone Betacam SP deck). I had to run & gun with it and that wasn't much fun. Compared to that Beta deck, the HPG 20 would be a walk in the park.
    Considering this is 20 years later, I'd probably leave it at home on run & gun days.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan_Crittenden View Post
    Nice job Barry. Well done.

    To add to the discussion, one of the key differences in the AVCCAM/AVCHD implementation is that the "I " frame of the Long GOP is addressed in the same way that AVC-Intra is. First there is the predictive pass where the Content Adaptive Codec looks at the complexity of the picture and does a "first pass" Then that is subtracted from the original and the rest of the engine is assigned to the details. The block sizes can vary within the frame and this is one of the very reasons that the Macroblocking is more noticeable on the the always 8X8 blocks in MPEG-2 vs MPEG-4 AVC/H.264. The Block sizes can vary from 16 X 16 and down to 4 X 4. The codec assigns the power where necessary. The Entropy Encoding is also significatly different in that the Variable Length Coding , available in MPEG-2 is strictly a 2D encoder, and does not have the tap dance ability of the Content Adaptive Variable Length Coding which when paired with the Content Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding produces the best P and B "frames."

    Keep in mind that a good number of the folks that have brought you MPEG-4, were part of the MPEG-2 development and as a result, knew what needed to change to bring about a better result.

    That is not to say that all implementations of AVCHD are equal, as we can see in the product that is out there currently; I would imagine over the course of time we will see it gravitate to something more uniform. That said, the AVCCAM implementation is the same across the board.


    So again, is this unit available? And what is the MSRP? I am shooting XDCamEX today, and spoke with my boss about purchasing the Nano in June. If this is a contender, I'd like to know.

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    Did you ever do a XDCAM 50 vs. AVCCAM test? I wonder how the extra info 50 vs 35 and 4:2:2 vs: 4:2:0 would factor in? So much reading & peeping... I should just chuck the internet connection and shoot!

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