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    How to embed vimeo and youtube
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    Ok... lots of folks still don't know how to do this, so I figured I'd post instructions here as well..

    Firstly, there are Vimeo and Youtube buttons that will generate the code for you and you just paste in the id of the video (not the whole url) between the tags.

    Anyways, an example of what the code would look like for vimeo (just remove the spaces)

    [ vimeo ] 1785695 [ / vimeo ]

    If you remove all the spaces it looks like this:

    NOTE: You are not pasting the entire url inbetween the tags. that is where most people are going wrong. just the id of the video (for vimeo it's a series of numbers. for youtube, it is a series of letters and numbers usually)

    The tags for youtube are [ yt ] enter_video_id_here [ / yt ]

    Again, just remove alll the spaces and it will work.

    Hope that helps. test it here if you need to.


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    Can I also add a suggestion for Vimeo users. After embedding the video as explained above, also provide a simple link to your video below it.

    What I've noticed is that those of us browsing DVXuser on smartphones like the iPhone (and probably the iPad) will only see a Lego block where your video is supposed to be embedded. Because these devices don't support flash players. But by adding the link below it gives us the option to click that link and watch your video on the Vimeo mobile site which is supported by our devices.


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    Just a question regarding 2.35:1 aspect ratio videos...

    Is it possible to embed them on DVXuser in anything other that a 16:9 player? I know it is possible using html code as this is what I do on my website/blog, but is there anyway to modify the parameters of the player using DVXuser's "insert video" tab?

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    I don't believe so, no.
    The player is going to be embeded at the default settings that come form the source (be it youtube, vimeo, etc) as far as I know.

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