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    Uninformed Camera Store Employee syndrome
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    Not sure if this is the right thread for this. But I'm frustrated by the lack of knowledge by the people at my local Henry's camera store and wanted to vent.

    I went in there today to look at the 7D. They don't have any in stock, except for the demo model, but they're taking orders.

    The guy asked if I currently had a camera and I said yes, a Nikon. I told him I had a lot of Nikon lenses, and if I got the 7D I'd just use them.

    His reply: "Oh yeah? How're you gonna do that?"

    I said, With adapters. A lot of people do it.

    He sort of shook his head and shrugged as if the whole concept was off-base and I was completely nuts.

    I'm here to learn.

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    I had the same experience,its just like they work there cause they must not because of photography is their hobby after work, knowledge just like regular employee after random school.Weird but maybe we both had just a bad luck and not all of them are the same,i also think that they dont use adapters they dont know much about distance from sensor/focal flange etc. and use only canon lens on canon.OR they cant encourage buying nikon adapter in canon shop.

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    Henry's employees are total idiots. I don't even pay attention to anything they say. I just go in, buy what I need to and leave.

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