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    60p -> 29.97
    I screwed up. I mistakenly recorded an interview using 1280 x 720 60p mode. And I captured the audio with my Zoom H4n. As most know, the Zoom records in 29.97.

    How would I go about converting the footage to 29.97? I've read about Bloom using Cinema Tools to change the frame rate. I've never tried this before - is this my best option?

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    You need a program that will remove a 2:2 pulldown. Cinematools should be able to do this or you could bring it into your NLE and have the project settings as 29.97. If it doesn't automatically interpret the 60p as 29.97 by dropping every other frame, you should be able to manually set it so the timeline will do it.

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    Really? Interesting. I tried dropping it into After Effects with a 29.97 timeline. I rendered it out and brought it into FCP, but it's still out of sync with my Zoom audio.

    The rendered AE file was interpreted by FCP as being 29.97.

    I must have missed a step somewhere, eh?

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