I'm looking for somebody to shoot my Monster Fest short next weekend, Saturday October 17th. This will be a LONG all day shoot and will probably go late into the evening, hopefully before we're all dead.

Shooting will take place out on a movie ranch in Calabasas.

This is a no-budget joint, but pay is negotiable. I can rent an HVX package off of craigslist from $80 - $120 for the weekend. I really don't want to shoot this thing myself, honestly. I'd much rather dedicate my time to directing.

This will me a FUN shoot. It is a comedy/horror project.

So if you've got a camera, can work within the pay range above for the day, and want to have a fun day of making movie magic for the next DVXUser fest, shoot me a PM or contact me directly at: cinealma@gmail.com


John G.