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    And I somehow forgot to mention my favorite film of all time, THE INSIDER.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougspice View Post
    How many people didn't know about the Rwandan genocide before HOTEL RWANDA? How many people didn't care about America's crumbling inner cities before THE WIRE? How many people didn't know anything about what happened in Mogadishu before BLACK HAWK DOWN? LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. SYRIANA. MUNICH. DOWNFALL. BAND OF BROTHERS. These films/shows all mix fact and fiction (or embellishment) to one degree or another, but they all carry important thematic messages about our world and can be seen as truly important as a result of opening people up to information they were not explicitly seeking.
    Where's East Timor in there???

    But you can hardly chide people for not knowing about T. E. Lawrence... he died before anyone on this group was either alive, or if alive, so young as to not know the import...

    Other than that, these places mentioned have long been in the news, just not the NY Times, or any other mainstream media news, until things get so out of hand, such as the case of East Timor, or Somalia... If people read more of the so called 'leftist' news, most of these stories have been presented ad infinitum.

    As for 'Downfall', I can't imagine anyone in this last 70-80 years, who can not make the name brand association of Hitler with Ultimate Evil. On the other hand, perhaps "Downfall" was perhaps the first opportunity for seeing a 'human' side of Ultimate Evil...

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    Fantastic response dougspace, I concur.
    "Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world." - Jean-Luc Godard

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