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Hey! we saw you there filming. actually you can see our video trailer in some of your shots. I'm with 4 Legged Flix. what are you using the 40 to shoot mainly? we considered getting the camera but i think the avc codec would be to cumbersome for the quick workflow that we need.
Small world! I mostly shoot nature and wildlife footage - very occasionally a club get-together.

I use Sony Vegas Pro (9.0b and 8.0c) and it handles AVCHC pretty well. Unless I am doing something with lots of effects and/or tracks I don't both transcoding since Vegas can handle the AVCHD natively; however, if I am doing some complex editing I transcode to either Cineform or Sony MXF. The Cineform transcode (using Neoscene) is quite fast and results in 4:2:2 color space files, but they are REALLY big. I know alot of folks are using the HMC150 for weddings and events and doing same day edits, so I don't think the format is a limiting as it was a couple years ago.