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    A Visit from Auntie Thresa Clause or The Jay Family Christmas is an adaptation of an unpublished story of the same name by Georgia author Wm. Hovey Smith. The story is set between 1920-1950 in Jaytown, U.S.A. The Jay family consist of a recently put out of work dad, James, his wife June and their children Jimmy and Jennifer.

    The story opens on Christmas Eve with James discussing with his wife that they have just enough money to have a nice Christmas dinner using a goose given them by his brother and to purchase a single much-wanted guift for each of their children and some little things for themselves.

    Inadvertantly, Jennifer invites Auntie Thresa Clause, Santa's not-very-nice sister to their house through the inappropriate application of a charm. Thresa Clause is a hard taskmaster over the elves who address and package the Christmas presents that Santa distributes. Unlike the jolly elf, she wants to get presents too. Each Christmas day she visits six families around the globe. She must be made welcome or she takes all of the Christmas trappings away, including the decorations, meal and presents. Should someone refuse to freely give her the present she selects, she will leave that one, but take everything else.

    At dawn, Thresa Clause arrives. She is welcomed in, and soon decides that it is time to give out the presents. She has no use of the adult's presents, but wants the childrens'. Both Jimmy and Jennifer must give them to her freely and say so. Having already eaten several dinners by this time, she decides not to stay for dinner, but to partake of a little English-style plum pudding. As is traditional, this pudding has a silver coin baked in it that has magical powers on Christmas day. The recepient gets one wish. Jennifer receives the coin and must decide if she wants to keep the frilly dress that is her present, or can she think of some way to reverse the day's events?

    She makes an appropriate wish, and at the close of the movie James is walking in the door of the house on Christmas eve, and is grabbed by his daughter. She informs him, "I wished Daddy, I wished. Auntie Thresa Clause will not come." As a result, the Jay family does have a joyous Christmas.

    All rights are available for the screenplay. A stage version has also been written and an illustrator has been contacted to produce art for a book based on the story. The best contact for me is by E-mail at
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