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    xl2 lens mount loose
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    Just purchased a 2nd hand XL2 from eBay..."excellent condition" "no faults" etc, but it would appear that the lens mount on the body of the camera is loose and loose in quite a big way, it's on the bottom of the ring and it has a good 2-3mm of play.

    I assume this is just not right, and not right in quite a big way? Having tested alot of everything else on the camera it all seems ok, but am i right to assume there could be all sorts of issues with the image recorded like back focus or the ccd's being out of alignment or something along that nature with quite a big wobble on the lens?

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    Hi This is not good was it shipped in one piece if su it could have been damaged in transit

    I have just placed this on another thread

    (Hi I have just bought a XL2
    and it came with an instruction DVD - the video tell you not to Ship or transport the camera with the 20x lens fitted, says you could damage the mount !!!!!)



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