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    This script was a helluva lot better than the others. Defined character quirks, (impressively!) sharp dialouge, easy-to-read formatting, lack of obnoxious scene hopscotch, flowing narrative structure, asynchronous (but by no means 'modern') takes on age-old themes and concepts etc etc etc... all wrapped in a very hip Antonionie-esque netherworld! Bellissimo!

    Pro work. Please don't let the fact it didn't place keep you from contributing here in the future. Please please please.

    Quick note though: starting a "summary" thread which acts as nothing more than a nylon-thick veil of defense of your own work probably isn't in the best of taste.
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    The summary thread was inspired by Lawrie's audio summary. It was a 'factual' but not in any way meant to be any other hidden agenda. Honestly, would not have thought about it hadn't Lawrie gone through the trouble, but not everyone's going to want to listen to that entire audio.

    So I broke it down to a "summary" of sorts. I also gave feedback to each and every script thread in more detail.

    If people weren't curious about an overall opinion, they would not have viewed the thread.

    I don't mean in any way to "defend" myself however by being spiteful. That would just be sucky.

    Thank you for liking the story. It came to me in a flash and I knew in my heart it would be difficult to digest, but nonetheless, it was a fun write.
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