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    Screenplay (in progress) if anyone's interested
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    I am very strongly considering trying to actually enter this fest, but I don't see how I can do my first idea, so I thought I'd see if anybody's interested.

    It's intended to be a somewhat Kevin Smith-ish, dialogue-heavy comedy regarding zombies, inspired by the ongoing debate between the classic George Romero-style slow, mindless zombies and the more modern Zach Snyder/Danny Boyle/etc fast, smarter zombies. The parts that make me think I can't do it myself are: taking place in a deserted city, in a street with abandoned cars; and involving guns in that location. Oh, and actually creating a zombie (even though it never needs to be seen really close, although it could be depending on the film maker's capabilities).

    The script is not even three full pages at this point, but most of it is dialogue, so I don't know where it falls with regards to the "minute per page" rule of thumb. But there's probably still some room to add things, and I'd be happy to work with somebody to flesh it out, or just turn it over as is and let them make it more their own.

    Working title is "Zombies (?)"

    PM meh if you have any interest.

    Update: with the announcement of ScriptFest V about four hours after this post, this script will be my entry into that. I'd still be glad to see somebody shoot it, but as Scriptfest closes on September 6th, the script will be available for reading prior to the film fest upload date, so I just wanted to make sure people knew that.
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