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    Hey JonB,

    Loved the concept. Santa and Death against George Washington is a pretty crazy idea. Great costumes too. My favorite series of lines were the ones where within 10 seconds Santa sounds like a whiny jerk. "No you're off the case! No you're a drunk!"

    Being a person who dealt with music and audio issues, I can tell you that I really enjoyed the music. Also, several of the fight scenes looked pretty good.

    One thing I do wish was that there would have been more exposition. Such a zany concept has almost limitless possibilities for crazy plot lines. Why does Santa drink? Did Rudolph get cancer? Where did he learn to shoot? What's with the fairies?

    I feel like you gave me a great concept but I needed more story. Then again, I thought 2 minutes would be more than enough time to explain everything I wanted to in my trailer and ended up cutting a ton. So regardless, good on you. Keep the craziness, I for one love it.

    Good stuff man.

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    What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?

    I compose music for your trailer, film or game. See my work at !

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