My Dp shot in Peru with the Sony V1u, HDV, 30p settings.
The footage was recorded simultaneously to disk and tape.
I am back in the U.S. surprised to see that the footage from both disk and tape are showing up in FCP as HDV 29.97 interlaced.
Quicktime pro also shows the same info for the files.

I captured 2 tapes on my own with a sony M15 deck, the deck didn't detected 30p and forced me to capture at 29.97i.

So my question is why is footage captured at 30p showing up at 29.97 fps interlaced?

Is it how the camera records this? Is it the deck? (although the files recorded directly to disk show same info)?
How can it be back to 30p without further conversion/degradation or is it inevitable?

What can I do now?

I need to edit mixing other format,HDV 720 60p and wanted to stay in progressive for this reason.

Thank you,