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    Quote Originally Posted by armisiano View Post
    Also, I'd like to complain that the mods never mentioned any sort of format for these to be, avi, mov, whatever. This is so frustrating.
    it's there in plain english...
    We are accepting media up to and including 1080p HD in the native framerate (preferably 24p) and mastering codec of your choice: ProRes, DVCPRO HD, XDCAM, etc.
    you also missed this part...
    Send any QUESTIONS to Zak Forsman.
    I will gladly advise and guide you thru exporting this. As stated in the official thread, it's your choice. I can handle just about anything you throw at me. even uncompressed if you have no other option. DNxHD is the only one that would be a problem but you're not on an Avid. I've given you a huge variety of options. you can more or less send anything you want. The image and sound quality of your screening is entirely in your hands. Own it.
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    Alright. It's done.

    I've exported as a mov, full resolution, yes I used the H.264 codec, but the bit rate is at it's highest setting 144,000 kbps and it looks and sounds rather good, and thefile is only about 1.4 gigs. I think that'll be fine. If I had an external hard drive to ship out I would a big uncompressed 23 gig avi, but that's not gonna happen.

    I am satisfied with the results, let us allow this thread to now die.

    Thank you all for your help. I greatly appreciate it. Heck, that's why we're here. Take care, I look forward to seeing many of you at the screening.

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