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    Converting HD PAL to NTSC?
    If I shoot something with a HVX200 PAL camera and want to convert the footage to NTSC to send to distributors or to just be able to play on regular US TVs, what do I need to know/do?

    Has anyone here ever attempted to convert PAL to NTSC with HD footage? I know the HD factor is said to not matter, but I bring it up because HD footage is typically a lot larger in size, meaning potentially longer conversion times.

    I would think it couldn't be that hard given the fact that a large portion of the world shoots PAL and gets their stuff distributed in NTSC format around the world. Some concerns I have..I heard that converting PAL to NTSC could lead to lost frames/frames adjusting in a way that it throws off all your menus and your audio could then be out of sync. Another concern is choppy footage.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Hey Goodluck,

    There are hardware Pal to Ntsc converters that most big post houses use but they are usually fairly expensive.

    You can use a program like DVFilm Atlantis for Windows to convert HD from Pal to Ntsc, but it must be an AVI or Quicktime.

    For MXF files, you can convert them to AVI's or QT's to use with Atlantis or use the next release of DVFilm MXFX should will have a Pal to Ntsc converstion option.

    Also, another method you can use it to take 25p Pal and slow it down to 24p Ntsc. If you need 29.97 then you just add a 2:3 pulldown to the 24p files. You do this usually your NLE or After Effects.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks Andy.

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    I've converted a doco on the Snowy River to NTSC from Pal HD.... Used Natress plugin in FCP... worked like a treat... the demo version gives a tiny green demo logo text on the left hand side of the frame... it's outside of vision safe...


    Ps.. I'd do a short clip test first before setting up your entrie job... also I think it's better to self contain your edit and then convert from that.. ie export your movie and re-import into FCP...

    Cheers LeZ..

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