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    Stabilization system for shooting with EX1 from boats
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    I own an EX1 and do documentary video work from boats. Often we are filming whales, seabirds etc. Trying to shoot handheld from a boat is very tricky, especially when you have to zoom in, as we often do. I'm not talking huge ocean swell, more small boat movements which make tripods impossible to use from the boat. Does anyone know what might work as a stabilization system (for under 1000) for the EX1 to be used in this manner- shooting handheld while zoomed in? I work and live in remote areas, so I canít get hands-on experience with this gear.

    thanks, Twyla

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    i have shot alot with this and its like a steadicam & very stable ,
    no shakes on zoom, it's for sale if u interested PM me, cheers

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