What a letdown: the "300" does not record native 24p, I confirmed it yesterday, tried a production version at Fry's store. Instead, it records it in 60i stream with 2-3 pulldown just like Canon AVCHD cameras. To put this into perspective, the SD9/HS9 and SD100/HS100 do record native 24p.

Obviously, Panasonic did everything it could to separate markets for the "300" and for the upcoming HMC40. The "300": no native 24p, 17 Mbit/s, no 720p, no cinema gamma settings. The HMC40: native 1080p40, 720p at 24/30/60 fps, up to 24 Mbit/s, Cinema gamma control, couple of extra buttons. Otherwise, the same sensors, lens, LCD screen and menu system.

If the "300" recorded native 24p as well as 720p, who would pay extra $2K for the HMC40?