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    Paying for post sound work?
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    Hey Everyone,
    I was thinking of doing a Questfest deal where I would do a quick sound editorial and stereo mix job for something in the range of $25-50. That price range won't be breaking anyone's bank and I won't be getting rich, but it would be nice to have a few extra bucks to take my wife out to dinner or pay for gas.

    I figure it would be help out a few people, especially some of the newer directors who maybe are confused about what happens in post sound. It wouldn't be any grand sound design, just simple dialog and sound effects editing with a solid mix to help polish some of the entries.

    To anyone who is wondering who I am, I did the sound design for O2 and The Small Multiple in Lossfest, as well as working on a few other films from DVX Users.

    Would anybody be interested in something like that?
    Brad Semenoff
    Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer
    SF Bay Area, CA

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    pm sent. Thanks!

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