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    "Creature Quest" - Something different by Kurt Jewell
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    It's been some time since I last joined a fest. This entry will take a new direction for me and I really can't believe I'm doing this.

    Everyone has heard stories and legends of fantastical creatures. Many people don't believe. They think these creatures are simply the product of the imagination or perhaps some form of optical illusion. But once you've seen something that you can't quite explain, something that challenges your ability to distinguish that which is real from that which is imaginary, then you too may find yourself joining the realm of believers.

    Up near my cabin in northern Minnesota there are stories of a legendary creature that lives and roams the surrounding lakes and forests. I myself have never seen it, or at least i can't be sure, but others are adamant that they have.

    So later this month I'm taking my HMC150 and heading north on a quest to answer the question "Is it real?"

    And the cool part is that you get to come along for the ride.
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