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    Quote Originally Posted by lawriejaffa View Post
    So please agree/or disagree relative to my post if you have something to say, but please don't attempt some straw summary of my position ;)
    Says the man who interpreted a snide remark as "ridiculing artistic endeavor" and "defending mediocrity" and went on to give a straw summary of the voters in this fest

    If I thought the films were mediocre I wouldn't be defending them. And I would never ridicule an artist for attempting to innovate. I just don't see innovation as the be all, end all of artistic merit.

    Quote Originally Posted by lawriejaffa View Post
    I just know im going to end up get percieved as some kind of evil British art snob (actually I am so fair enough muhaha) but here's the logic I don't accept. Some might say, well not everybody likes 'arty' films or 'intellectual' films. Now whether those merits exist in a film is fairly subjective - (but lets not kid ourselves that its sooo subjective as to become some kind of metaphysical non-point...)
    You'd probably be surprised to learn that I'm something of a film snob myself, and British to boot. I don't disagree with your sensibilities regarding 'intellectual' films. And I'm certainly not one of the uneducated masses to which you refer. I've studied the greats, and not so greats. 8 out of my 10 favourite movies are European and pre-1970s. You could probably guess one of them based on my username. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good genre flick if it's well-executed and entertaining.

    For entertainment value I'd take a solid genre flick over pretentious experimental garbage like Last Year at Marienbad any day of the week.

    Over to you


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