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    How-To: Upgrade a Firestore FS-100 to 250GB
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    how to replace the 100GB hdd with 250GB or 320GB (500GB) in your firestore fs-100
    (no warranty given! use your brain when doing the operation!!!)

    1.) get the 4.0.1.xxxxx BIOS update from focus enhancements as it supports >250GB drives. otherwise your fs-100 will not support bigger harddisks. flash your fs-100 with the new BIOS.
    link to fs-100 bios 4.0.0:
    link to fs-100 bios 4.0.1: works only for 4.0.0 users!

    2.) open the little screws of the firestore case. look which model (IDE or SATA) you have. I have the IDE model. If you have SATA, you canīt use a IDE drive. close the case again until you got the new hdd drive.

    3.) If you have IDE, buy the WD Scorpio 250GB (WD2500BEVE)
    with PATA (IDE) interface.
    technical specs of the WD scorpio 250 (IDE):
    Or you can buy a 320GB WD320BEVE with PATA (IDE) interface.
    technical specs of the WD scorpio 320 (IDE):

    3a.) if you have a SATA firestore and a SATA HDD: it isnīt very complicated to mount a SATA drive into a SATA firestore. just plug and play one/two cables.

    4.) if you got the new drive from your dealer, open again the little screws of the firestore case.

    5.) you have to stick tapes to the same places on the new harddisk where the original yellow ones are sitting. but beware of covering the little air hole with the tape!!! otherwise you may damage your harddisk! i made also a little hole in the tape, i used a fine knife for that.

    5.) disconnect the flat cable of the old hdd. then open the little screws of the silver plate below the harddrive. open the 4 screws which fasten the hdd to the silver plate. put the old hdd away. maybe you can get an external case later to use the old 100GB hdd with your computer.

    6.) there is a a square of metal (shielding) affixed to the underside of the old drive exactly where the fan lined up with the drive. take that off the old drive and fix it on the new drive on the same place. otherwise you could get problems with the fan.

    7.) connect the new hdd with the flat cable. pay attention to the direction the cable is connected to the drive. if you reverse it you will probably kill your hdd and or the fs-100. fix the screws in reverse order so that the new harddisk is fixed in the case.

    8.) close the case with the outside screws.

    9.) connect your firestore to the power supply. for best security, connect also an accu to the case.

    10.) start the engine (press the "ON" button on the fs-100)

    11.) maybe your firestore will ask you to partition the new drive. in this case press "NO" (otherwise the fs-100 will make two partitions with 125GB each).
    11a.) Normally all firestores over 100GB (also the original 160 and 250GB models) will partition into 2 (or more, if you use 320GB drive) partitions. the second partition will automatically be used if partition one is full (this is the default firestore behaviour, also on the original 250GB-models). if you are comfortable with this, you can press "YES" and forget step 12 and 13.

    12.) if your firestore says "Please wait" after the boot screen, use the arrow keys on the fs-100 to navigate to the "DD DRIVE" option. Enable the computer connection. you should hear a ding dong (=recognized firewire device).

    13.) use this program to partition and format a single 250GB /320GB partition with FAT32 (Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 CAN NOT format partitions larger than 32GB with FAT32). If you are on a Mac you can just use the disk utility to format the drive with FAT32.

    14.) reboot the device. you should see "278 minutes free" for 250GB or 356 minutes for 320GB (in DVCPro HD/1080i) or something similar, but only if you are using one single partition, if you’re using 2 or more partitions, you have to add all minutes from all partitions.

    congratulations, you have just upgraded your fs-100 to the newest 250 GB / 320 GB model!

    edit: according to some postings in this thread it should be possible to upgrade your fs-100 to 500 GB (=557 minutes recording time).

    you should test the recording between camera and fs-100 after the modification to ensure the correct workflow!
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