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    5DmarkII & FIFA
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    Does anyone heard anything about 1D Mk4?I've read that it may support 25fps.

    And the rumor about mark2's 30p things is, FIFA, yes FIFA, because as far as i heard FIFA does not allow cameras whic can record video in the stadiums. Can that be why canon didn't let MarkII shoot 25fps? Cause all the soccer countries are PAL areas(europe).Sounds logical to me...Canon seems awaiting for a permission from FİFA for selling out new cameras to sport photographers...

    What do you guys think about it?

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    Possibly. The best solution would be if Canon takes the 5d tecnology, improves the Bayer pattern of the sensor to avoid aliasing (which would reduce the resolution of the sensor to 5 mp) and stuffs it all into a movie camera body with full manual controls & variable framerates (maybe not 60p but all up to 30p or even slightly higher). Then sell it together with the rest of their pro video cameras. No FIFA problem and happy moviemakers would be the result.

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