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    Top Ten:

    1. David Jerome - Ten Tumbles and a Boom.
    2. Preston - Solstice
    3. Jamiejay - Valor
    4. CallaghanFilms - Wooden Kimono
    5. Chris_Keaton - Lovecraft
    6. Alex Whitmer - Another Man's Dame
    7. themighyshrub - Don't Say I Didn't Warn You
    8. Noel Evans - Candy
    9. Farnsworth - Trigger Finger
    10. Nektonic - The Man From Tomorrow.

    Well done to you all.

    For those who want to know you placed PM me personally and I'll send you your ranking.


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    Well done guys and gals.


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    shi*. I didn't expect that. I was hoping I would do better than my second to last placement on scriptfest II. shi*. Sweet. shi*.

    Congrats everyone.


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    Congrats to everyone...
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    Congratulations to all. Well deserved!


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    wow. i'm extremely humbled to be in this group of talented writers. what a good top 10. this was a terrific experience even without coming in third... but it feels good that so many people liked my work! thank you to everyone who voted and who gave me helpful feedback! you guys rock!

    david and preston, you both deserve it. i know you were my personal favorites!

    i also really loved fun palace and ned three n's... thoroughly entertaining. great work to everyone who entered and i already can't wait for the next fest!


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    Congrats to all. RL hasn't allowed me time to participate or vote on this one yet, but I hope to at least get around to reading them soonish...
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    Congrats everyone!


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    *waves hat* hurrah hurrah everybody!! ;)
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    Congrats to everyone.

    I still say we all won because everybody did a killer job with the theme of pulp / noir. To all the others who placed in the top 10 and to the top 3 winners, I bow to your excellence.

    Holy biscuits and gravy!!!!!!!!!! I can't even fathom right now that I made the Top 10.

    Mere words can not describe it... so I would like to express my excitement with a short clip from Scanners. Warning, it's a little messy.

    And Captain Pierce, your new Christmas avatar is hilarious and scary at the same time. I love it.


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