Contest #10
Subject: Good Bye 2008 Hello 2009

Detail: Submit an image that is titled Good Bye 2008 Hello 2009, however you choose to interpret the theme

Due Date: January 4th @ 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time

Post Processing: You may post process in any way, shape, or form but may not add text

Restrictions: This contest does not allow any text, words, or letters to appear

File Formatting: All images must be resized to 72dpi and be no larger than 720x720 dpi

Submissions: You may submit up to 3 entries to this contest, uploading will take place at Please be sure that you select the correct contest that you are entering otherwise you might not make the deadline (contest number is listed at the top)

Voting: Voting will take place at and will begin on the Monday after submissions are due and run through Thursday of that same week.

Results: Results will be posted on the Friday after voting concludes.

Standing Rules: 1. Submissions must conform to DVXUser Terms and Conditions (no personal attacks, no politics, no pornography) 2. Submissions are exclusive copyright material of the photographer but please do not watermark your submissions 3. All submissions must be posted anonymously until voting has been completed 4. Please post feedback, comments, and constructive criticism if you participate 5. Spread the word… we have gotten this going again and would like a good turn out 6. All images must be shot between the announcement of the contest and the submission deadline 7. All images will be submitted anonymously until after voting has been completed at which time you may post in the thread announcing which entry is yours.