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    Guidelines and General Information - CGI Fest
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    Fellow film makers,

    Gord and I have been discussing this fest and how to make it the best we can. Below this introduction is a set of guidelines and general changes that will go into effect. Some immediately - some in the relative future.

    CGI and VFX definitions: Starting immediately the name of this festival will be changed to CGI fest. CGI standing for Computer Generated Imagery. Computer Generated Imagery covers a wide variety of tools and effects. Consider CGI an umbrella. CGI is the top branch of that umbrella. VFX falling under digital visual domain. Since SFX covers practicals, VFX is the computer aided section. Thus is, inherently, and by definition - Computer Generated Imagery. VFX and full animation fall under the general category of CGI.

    Any entry involving some type of digital visual manipulation will be eligible in this festival. This of course discounts color correction as a visual manipulation technique for the purposes of this festival. You can upload a composite of live action plates or a hyperhybrid fusing CGI characters and CG elements with live action plates. You can upload a full computer generated motion plate. You can upload a matte painting. All of these options, from a matte painting to a full CG integration, to a fully animated CGI short animation are eligible. These all fall under the auspices of Computer Generated Imagery.

    Time Extension: Beginning immediately we will be extending the timeline for festival entries to one and one-half months. This should give everyone time to work on ideas they have that might need experimenting. We will be increasing the timeline for this fest to 2 January 2009 by 9:00 PM EST.

    The Future: In the future we will be implementing shorter "workshops" designed by Gord and myself. Wether it be to complete a motion track and replace the sky in a shot, or changing a sunny scene into one where it is raining, removing a camera rig from a car, replacing colors of objects, or removing objects from the shot - there will be fun little mini-workshops. These will run for roughly two weeks depending on the complexity of the workshop. These are intended to get you all trying something new. The theme based festivals will continue with workshops intermittently entering the picture.

    This thread will be updated as changes are made to the program - or as clarification are needed. We hope to see your work soon. And welcome to the DVXuser CGI fest!

    -Matt and Gord
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