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    Revolutionary new camera system, the BLUE


    Johannes Söderströmson
    Blue Digital Cinema

    Söderströmson Unveils New Modular Film Camera System

    Palm Springs, CA - 12/4/2008 Johannes Söderströmson has unveiled his revolutionary new camera system, the BLUE.

    With 2,097,152 Possibilities, this system uses our new patented Conundrum and Conundum X Sensors. These are mounted into the gray matter modules which can attach to any of our systems. The 3 Gray Matter modules we are unveiling are the Valiant, Legendary, and Majestic. All record into BLUECODE our patented recording technology now supported by no one, but soon the world.

    "This is twice the resolution of the EPIC" - Red Forum User "R3D4EV3R"
    "With 4D Recording I can see things move in 3D, it's amazing" - Oscar S. Doherty
    "This is the only way I will shoot my next movie" - Yi Kang
    "The timing of this product is perfect for my project in '28 " - Mauno Rajala

    Blue Digital Cinema is in no way related to Red Digital Cinema. That’s a whole other color. Our products are just as real as theirs. We may even hit our deadlines first.

    Blue Digital Cinema is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Ekoj Industries.

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    Greasy wheel don't squeak.

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    Hehehe, nice!

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    Are they taking deposits yet? I need one of these.

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