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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry_Green View Post
    So Sony lowered the cost by $100, and gives a $250 cash rebate, but takes away a $550 8GB card, so it's a net $200 price increase (assuming someone was going to buy a second 8GB card). And they raised the dealer price, squeezing the dealer's margin?


    But, for those who are willing to use KxS, it's good news. If you don't value that second SxS card, you get a net $350 price drop.
    This is really shrewd.

    For those customers who would be sticking with the SxS workflow, there is a minimal price increase. For those who are not necessarily in bed with SxS, you realize a $350 price drop. Essentially allowing you to purchase a full day's worth of recording media with your savings.

    For those who had been on the fence about an EX1 this seems to be a VERY good deal. Dealer margin may have shrunk some, but hopefully increased volume will be realized.
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    I just bought my EX1 from B&H for $6449 and a day after receiving it they drop the price $100! I was a little (1.5%) pissed but I decided to send a message to B&H:


    Having bought the Sony PMW-EX1 from you just a couple of days ago, it obviously pains me to see that you have just lowered the price by $100. Since I am a loyal B&H customer who has spent roughly $30,000 with you over the last several years, I'm thinking some show of good will is in order. Like a store credit of $100, for example. I will continue to do business with B&H no matter your answer because I have never had anything but a shining experience with your company. But again, some sort of recognition about the unfair place I have found myself in would be a gleaming gesture that will not be kept a secret, and will most likely repay itself through the business I will inevitably send your way.


    Less than 12 hours later they replied:

    We will refund you for the price difference. We appreciate your business.
    Man I love B&H! And I love not paying sales tax! And now I have the new price and the 8GB card on the way! I'm a lucky mother effer, what can I say?

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