Hello, my friend,

My name is Erez Henya and I am an ambitious film composer collaborating with great filmmakers internationally. I love doing what I do and I give all my heart to it with a bold passion.

I also give a great importance to the pleasure of collaborating. There's nothing like working with new friends, not just filmmakers, that you feel open with. Great ideas come from both sides pretty easily this way, and the communication (a key component in any film production) is clear, many times also predictable.

I am ready for new challenges, and I would love to see you on my humble website and hear what you, personally, have to say about my music, and how you think I can execute your artistic vision to this great upcoming feature film of yours!

So there you go, my friend, please feel welcome to contact me at erez@erezhenya.com or through a PM here when you feel ready!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

- Erez