I got stuck with the entries. The weekend I was free I was having issues downloading the middle group of zip files. And then I couldn't finish all the films.

So tonight is going to be a very long night for me too. But alas, I am working on a photo assignment with a deadline of...well today. So I will be up for quite a while yet. I would love to be watching the entries tonight.

I've been in the photolab finishing another assignment for nearly 24 hours within the past week. Probably a bit more. And then I've been working on this one all day. I have a film show I was working on a few hours ago (sound designer). Have another show on Thursday. And back to the one I worked on tonight on the weekend. Plus another sound design analysis due thursday and a treatment.

Ugh - I have a ton of stuff to do.

(Sorry for the rant - needed somewhere to put it all)