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    Corrado Part II
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    Hello again....

    I'm back. Me and the mods sat around the fire and held hands while singing kumbaya, and here I am.

    This thread is going to be a continuation of the original Corrado thread, which can be found here. That thread was closed because I am an egomaniac that cannot handle criticism of any kind, so be warned next time!

    Seriously though, the rest of the story is worth telling, and it is far from being over. I still have my blog, which has grown to serve a different purpose and will remain. Sometimes it is easier to speak more anonymously here, as my blog is linked to my site and is targeting a different audience.

    This is also a better place for questions generated by you guys about anything rather than having to ask questions strictly about my blog posts.

    Okay, now a word about behavior. I am back here because the mods and I made a pact to behave ourselves. I realize that for some reason, drama follows me. I probably help create it but not always. But I'm trying to tone it down a little here and stay on topic, so if you guys could help me out with that I would appreciate it.

    I'm still more or less the same guy I ever was, though, and if my bullshi* meter gets pegged, I'm going to call it out, whether it's on my thread or not. My goal is to impart what I've learned to anyone who will isten, for free.

    Most of the drama can be avoided by recognizing the type of person I am. I have flaws like anyone. Here is my makeup:
    1. I am brutally honest
    2. I am highly opinionated. It's all black and white to me.
    3. I'm a type A.
    4. I frequently think that the way I've done things is the right way and the only way.
    5. I'm not the best at taking criticism.
    6. I can't stand poseurs.

    It may not be the best way, but that's how I am, I can't help it.

    On the plus side, you show me an egotistical, know it all, my way or the highway, easily angered man, and I'll show you a guy who raised $415,000 without paper, wrote, directed, edited, cast and produced a feature that is widely acclaimed by distributors (not just fans). In seven months. I'm a tough bulldog go getter and a sonofabitch, and I don't play nice, but I your service.

    Updates soon.

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    John Morrison - Little Picture Productions, LLC
    "Never anger a bard, for they are not subtle and people remember funny songs."

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    Alpharetta, GA
    Nice to see you back, Adam!

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    FAQ on the film since it gets asked alot, and I don't want to have to repeat it or redirect back to the original thread:

    1. Where is the official website of the film?

    2. Do you have a trailer?
    Rough cut here:
    Within a couple days, it will be on my site under "trailer"

    3. What was the budget of the film?
    Originally $300,000 - Cash expenditures to date total $415,000, which does not include the cost of my equipment, or any producing / directing / editing fees.

    4. Who was in the movie?
    Tom Sizemore, Johnny Messner, Tony Curran, Joe Gannascoli, Michael Bailey Smith, Frank Stallone, Ken Kercheval among others.

    5. Who wrote the story?
    I did.

    6. Did you have any partners or co-producers?

    7. What was the size of your crew?
    We had a DP, a 1st and 2nd AD, three electrics, three grips, a scripty, a makeup guy and assistant, two PAs, two set photogs, an armorer and assistant, a 1st and 2nd AC for the A cam and a 1st and 2nd AC for the B cam as well as a P2 loader.

    8. What did you shoot on?
    Two HVX-200s with Letus Extreme adapters and a set of Nikon primes.

    9. How many days did you shoot?
    17 including reshoots.

    10. Did you really shoot at LAX?
    Yes, for two days.

    11. How many locations did you have?
    About 14.

    12. Where did you shoot the movie?
    Los Angeles. As far west as Encino, as far east as Pasadena, as far north as chatsworth, as far south as LAX, and evrywhere in between. Plus one day in Dana Point.

    13. Did you shoot exclusively on location?
    From the streets of downtown LA to the terminals of LAX, from a mansion in Pasadena to a cottage n La Crescenta, yes. Corrado is a location movie!

    14. Did you get permits?
    Yes, for approximately 90% of the shoot.

    15. Where id you rent your equipment?
    We rented very little, a bartech, a hostess tray, and a few other odds and ends. I supplied all of my own grip, electric, and lighting stuff plus a grip truck.

    16. That ugly beast in your driveway, is that the former grip truck?
    It was, baby, but it's sold!!!!! And the guy that bought it doesn't even want the internal shelving and has ripped it out.

    17. Do you still have all your stuff?
    No, I sold it all. Not much of it has an application to my next film.

    18. Is the movie complete?

    More will be added as I think of them but these are the most popular so far....

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    Freaking Awesome man!


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    Thanks for doing this for us, and Mods thank you too!
    Last edited by ChipG; 10-31-2008 at 07:04 PM.

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    Looks great congrats man! I was bitching about the look (because you posted only mediums and close-up shots last time) but it totally works.
    Patryk Rebisz
    director/DP - my feature-length documentary - my production company - my directing/DP work
    gear, gear, gear for rent in NYC area!!! >>>
    (917) 291-2565

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    Looks like we're going to be doing a lot of kumbaya from now on; does somebody know the lyrics? LOL

    So tell me, Adam, have you gotten any $$$ offers for Corrado? You don't have to say how much or by whom, but has anybody made a money offer?

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    Good to have you back Adam! As I mentioned, I'll also be checking your blog for updates as well (if thats to still be updated).

    "I dream for a living" - Steven Spielberg

    IMDb Page

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    glad your back!

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