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    Copeland Music Video: HVX200 + Redrock + Stop-Animation
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    Hello everyone!

    Here's the latest music video I shot for indie rockers, Copeland.
    The song is called "Should You Return" off their new album "You Are My Sunshine" available in stores everywhere.

    Quicktime link:

    YouTube link:

    The video was quite challenging to make, but gave me an opportunity to expand into new territory. Was a little crunched for time towards the end, but did the best I could with what I was given.

    Some details:

    - We shot using the HVX200 along with the Redrockmicro.

    - Employed the frame-rate hack to shoot at 6fps.
    [Wanted to differentiate the real world from the polaroid world, so they were shot differently. The 'real world' scenes were shot in the standard 720p24pN. The 'polaroid world' scenes were shot in 720p at 6fps with the shutter open to 350 degrees. This was to emulate the step-printing technique of Wong Kar-wai that was used as inspiration.]

    - Used the motion-tracking software Mocha for the polaroids.
    [Workflow consisted of a combination btwn Mocha, After Effects, and Final Cut]

    - We shot the stop-motion parts against a white background. Printed and cut out every 3rd frame. Reshot characters with backgrounds on a lightboard using a Nikon D40.

    I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about the making of the video.

    Hope you enjoy!


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    Looks really time-intensive. Well done! How'd you land a gig with Copeland?

    See my recent work @

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    Wow yeah that was really cool. I just got their new CD and it's sweet to know they have some DVXusers helping them out.

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    thought it was good as well. keep it up

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    hey great looking video. I shot a music video for Anberlin a year ago or so. I think they are repped by the same dude. Kyle? Keep up the good work.


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