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Hey everybody,

I finally put some finishing touches on this a got it a lot closer to what I originally had in mind. Most of the credit for this goes to Jeremiah Rounds who did the VFX work for the new appearance shots.

I entered it in a festival in which placing in the top ten (out of 100) will get me a $30,000 grant to make another short. So if any of you all want to check out the new version and vote, I'd be stoked and very appreciative.
Here's the link: www.thedoorpost.com/forgiveness/analog
Though if you plan on voting (please, please...), I recommend registering first (sorry), so you don't have to watch it again to vote.
Check out this thread for more details, if you're interested.

Thanks so much.
Ok, I voted and also commented on it. I hope you will place in the top ten, because I really like 'Analog' . All the best and much luck.