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    Cheap domain hosts for official movie websites? Yahoo or tripod?
    Hey guys and girls, just wondering what domain hosts you use for your movie websites?

    What is the cheapest that will allow maybe 1 gig or less?

    I pay $11 a month for my company's website domain name, but I dont want to pay that much for a movie website, anything cheaper?

    I see stuff for $1 a month, but dont know who to trust really,

    Any ideas?

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    well, from a directing standpoint, I use hostmonster. unlimited this and that, including transfer. $6/month. i've been with them for a while. fast server, never had a problem.
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    $11 a month for a domain name? I hope you meant per year.

    I host on my own server, 60 gigs storage space and 750 gigs monthly transfer. I pay about $85 per month, I like it, though, I have a 25 domain license so I can host a lot of sites on there, and I have a lot, so it's the perfect solution and gives me the maximum amount of control.

    Plus if you're going to have even a decent number of people seeing your work you need some real transfer to put up high quality files. Not necessarily 750 gigs a month, but at least 100.

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    Default (a lot of people us this) great deals.

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    I use hostmonster also. Great site.
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    I've been happy with - I've been using them for a few years now for a variety of sites, rock solid servers. Even the cheaper packages for smaller sites are able to take larger load hits if necesarry.

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