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    The 5D Mark II thread
    I started off talking about a 50D and hdmi recorder idea in this thread, but as the 5D Mark II kicked in with AMAZINGLY PROMISING specs some days ago I decided to open a new one with the proper title.

    Go ahead and start partying with me cause we're going to shoot some high quality movies soon.

    Here's the baby:

    Get your lenses polished for the end of November

    Here are the most important specs to us:
    - 35mm CMOS chip
    - high end processor (Digic IV)
    - full HD video shooting at 1080p/30
    - up to 12 minutes of continuous recording, or up to 24 minutes shooting SD on a 4GB memory card
    - records in mpeg-4 format
    - records PCM stereo
    - has mic in
    - high contrast range
    - EF mount

    Here's the announcement by gizmodo

    Here's some video clips by Canon

    Here's a "review" by dpreview



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    Hey dude. You might want to start using the other 5D Mark II thread. There's too many of these as it is already on the board.


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