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    Vimeo Version w/ a several fixes and re-edit
    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for leaving some great comments. For the most part it seems the story was great but a lot of weakness technically i.e sound, acting in some parts, slow start, & special effects were off... they still are in this version. Basically, about 4 more hours of RESTED editing with no pressure of a deadline. LoL.

    List of changes:

    1. Audio Levels boosted and lower accordingly
    2. Color corrected the ending scene to add darker feel
    3. Re-cut the ending - way different.
    4. ends with fade out instead of freezing on last frame
    5. Added transitions to ending
    6. extended the film by 1 min.

    Its worth a second look or third to see the differences.

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    Real quick here...

    Acting really needs work. I didn't buy into any of the characters. The line: "He's going to burn her, he's pouring gasoline all over her... i mean..." really bothered me. Why did she say "I mean..." -- What else COULD she mean?? I understand that it's a default term that just gets spat out when one is improvising, but it shouldn't have been in the final edit.

    Camera angles and cinematography were okay for me, but I didn't sense the urgency at all. You put me too far away from the action, and there weren't enough cuts to make it exciting.

    Story-wise your film is okay. Unfortunately, I can't buy into it unless you present it to me in a manner that is realistic and believable. I don't think your actors achieved this.

    Lighting felt alright, but I think some color-correction could have helped you out a lot.

    Just some quick thoughts. Thanks for sharing!
    video editor
    portland, or

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    Just to Bump and get some more plays at Vimeo,
    updated version.

    Notes taken: Need to select better actors.
    "the whole phone conversion was improvised... next time it will be cut out.

    I did do some color correction myself but its my first time doing that too...

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    One of the best stories in the Fest relating to the theme.
    I just wanted to add... I thought the shot of her at the end with the TV reflected in the background of her doing the same gestures is awesome.

    Looking forward to your next short.


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