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    DIY ZazaSlider...
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    O.K. here we go. Since I'm getting a lot of requests for more information, I figured I'd just start a thread!


    VERY easy indieslider:

    Go to and order the rail & carriage. Phone order number: 1-800-521-2747
    (Cost around $160.00 in parts -

    Also... here's some new contact info. for igus. (I got this from the igus rep)


    For Australia & New Zealand:
    "We have a distributor in New Zealand - Automation Equipment Ltd. - +62-7-847-2082
    But no direct office - They could order from us via credit card and we could ship parts to them."


    Unit 36, 9 Powells Road
    Brookvale NSW 2100
    Ph: (02) 9907 1788


    Here's the order:
    WS-16-60 Drylin 'W' rail 1000mm
    WW-16-60-10 Drylin 'W' carriage

    All you have to do then is run to the hardware store and get a 3/8" 16 thread tap (and a tap handle), a 5/16 metal drill bit & a 3/8" hex head bolt (you'll have to figure out the length you need, I think mine was about an inch long)

    1. The rail (I got 1000mm which is about 39" long and gives you a good 36" of slide), already has 9 evenly spaced holes in it, so all you have to do is tap the middle hole! TAP FROM THE BOTTOM UP. You want this to screw onto your tripod. Always think everything through before doing anything!

    2. Find the center of the carriage and drill a straight hole with the 5/16" bit. Tap the hole, again, from the bottom up. Screw the bolt you bought into the carriage so it's sticking out the top. This is where you'll attach your head (I'm just using a Manfrotto 701).

    That's it! Screw the rail on the tripod (I'd be sure to sandbag the legs, cause as you go way out, it could tilt over on you), put your head on the carriage, put the carriage on the rail, mount the camera & you're ready to go. Really easy... took me about 1/2 hour including the trip to the hardware store.

    I also bought a little tripod, a Manfrotto 190XDB that can get really low to the ground and the legs can spread wide (right out to flat).

    Next I want to make a few 'endcaps' out of 4x4 post wood that will allow me to get 4" off the ground...for some cool low, sliding shots! Use your imagination for endless possibilities….

    Here's a quick little test the day I put it's really not jerky (photobucket?). I wanted it for one of my Twilightfest shoot....and it worked like a charm.

    Here's a better test:

    Hope this helps.

    Bottom of carriage, with bolt in place:

    Head mounted on carriage. I have mine on a 100mm ball head adapter that I use on my Kessler crane. (you can just attach the head directly to the carriage):

    Rail screwed onto the tripod, just screw it on!

    Tripod w/ legs out flat...gets you about 18" off the ground:

    Slide the carriage onto the rail...mount your camera & you're ready to go!

    O.K., Now for the "low-rider" endcaps:

    Very easy: All I did was buy a 4' piece of 4x4 deck post and had Home Depot cut me (2) 11" lengths, picked up a package of stainless steel screw eye's (5/8" x 2 1/4") and used a couple of washers I had laying around. That's it.

    1.) I went one rulers width in from the edge (about one inch) and marked the center (5 1/2") on each block.

    2.) Drill a nice started hole in each.

    3.) Painted the wood flat black

    4.) Attach the rail using the screw eyes & washer. (these also act as a stop at the end of the rail.)

    5.) Mount the camera & shoot! You can also remove the head from the carriage, use a 1/4" 20 thread and attache the camera directly to the carriage to get it even lower to the ground. (you will lose your pan/tilt functionality though)

    This seems to be a real stable base and still gives you a good 3' of travel. You can leave the feet on and still mount it to a tripod too. If you have some little rubber feet laying around, I'm sure that would help on bare floors. Use your imagination, I bet you guys can come-up with a bunch of modification & improvements!

    There you go...quick & easy. I plan on shooting some test footage in the next few days... I'll post something then.

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    Once you've built yours, be sure to join the "ZazaSlider Group" on Vimeo and post your coolest slider footage!

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    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Hybrid Bearings:

    NEW Hybrid Carriage for 16-60mm rail:

    __________________________________________________ ____________
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