Ever had a director yell at you? Forget all your lines in an audition? Tells some stories about things that have happened to you while acting/auditioning, etc. But only if you think I will like it!


Here is my first one I will tell:

I had an audition coming up. It was a very serious one that I NEEDED to get. I tried and tried and tried to find a good monologue but to no avail. Finally, after hearing me perform what I have dubbed "The Milkshake Monologue" (from There Will Be Blood) An acting friend of mine told me to do that one. So I extended it and studied it and prepared but I made an error: I didn't watch the movie first. I thought it would be good if I hadn't seen the movie because I could put my own take on it, but I think I could have memorized it better if I had HEARD it rather than just reading - especially with such short notice. But I knew the lines and I knew them well, so it was okay...at that point.

I was outside the theatre waiting my turn and talking with friends who were also auditioning that day. Then I retired around the corner to practice. One friend told me not to "over rehearse" which, for this occasion, I thought to be impossible. It wasn't. I dropped a line or two in my rehearsal which threw me into panic mode. I wasn't nervous - really - but I did understand the magnitude of the audition.

I walked in and got on the stage, I couldn't see a damn thing because of the lights, but I knew my way around the theatre (I had practically lived there the year before). I introduced myself and was told to go when I was ready. I started out as human Nick, which was a huge mistake, and I started dropping lines because I had dropped them outside and also because I was thinking about how serious it was. Then acting Nick took over and was able to recover by seamlessly skipping over the dropped lines and making it actually seem presentable. I hit the wall on the way out, but I was done.

Turns out the guy "really liked" my audition but hadn't seen enough of me that past year to trust that I would do a good job. All of my references dropped off the map and I was left with nothing. It was okay though, because there is still a chance. There will be a two or three week period that I will be able to prove myself coming up at the end of this month and hopefully I will get it anyway.

There is my long story, sorry about that. I guess I just wanted to tell it. Now, what stories do you have? By the way, this is a thread that should be Penguin'd in the future because it is timeless.

Have at it now...