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    Good camerawork
    thank you
    If you're not mature enough for criticism, you're too immature for praise.

    "Life will forever be a challenge, some things are meant that way. Learn to deal with each challenge, using time and thought, so in the end it will be a lesson well learned."

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    In the past few days, DVXusers Ben Sliker and Justin Kuhn sat down and chatted over AIM while simultaneously watching the same TIMEFEST films. We call them, "The AIM sessions". Here's their thoughts on "Escape from the Past"

    This is a 'special edition' of the AIM sessions, Assistant Director Brad Mate has tagged in for Justin from the crew of JAM. Please excuse the stupid out of order time stamps by iChat.

    spesliker (1:37:00 PM): escape from past
    spesliker (1:37:08 PM): nice
    spesliker (1:37:16 PM): escape then
    spesliker (1:38:05 PM): ok
    TheBrad84 (1:38:00 PM): omg is this movie going to give me a seizure?
    spesliker (1:38:21 PM): lol
    spesliker (1:38:22 PM): 3
    spesliker (1:38:23 PM): 2
    spesliker (1:38:25 PM): 1
    spesliker (1:38:28 PM): go
    TheBrad84 (1:38:42 PM): oh. my. science.
    spesliker (1:39:02 PM): CONSIDERED ME SEIZED
    spesliker (1:39:39 PM): we knows its gots action cause it's shaky
    spesliker (1:40:02 PM): who in their right mind would teleport into a toilet?
    TheBrad84 (1:39:50 PM): (and they are wearing glasses so you know they dont poo poo around)
    spesliker (1:40:28 PM): do they give themselves a swirly to get back
    TheBrad84 (1:40:28 PM): stop moving in slo mo!! you need to hurry!!?!@#lj32kh
    spesliker (1:40:54 PM): ooo, it's like ang lee's the hulk, except he's not trying to remind us we're watching a comic book movie.
    spesliker (1:41:05 PM): TIME COP
    TheBrad84 (1:40:55 PM): jean claude is gonna be pissed
    spesliker (1:41:12 PM): WHERES VAN DAMME AND SPLITS?
    (oh ... there he is.)
    spesliker (1:41:23 PM): CHUN LEE, CHUN LEE
    spesliker (1:41:37 PM): these are the worst time cops ever
    TheBrad84 (1:41:32 PM): TIME
    spesliker (1:42:20 PM): there's a rave going on in that toilet
    TheBrad84 (1:42:13 PM): rawr
    spesliker (1:42:34 PM): KA BLOOEY!
    spesliker (1:43:20 PM): you should take mushrooms and try to watch that movie
    TheBrad84 (1:43:11 PM): if i had a time machine....probably would go for something bigger than a liquor store
    spesliker (1:43:29 PM): i wanna see what happens
    spesliker (1:43:46 PM): i would warp directly into a bank vault
    spesliker (1:45:16 PM): not bad, a little overuse of the f-bomb
    spesliker (1:45:26 PM): but, interesting concept
    TheBrad84 (1:45:20 PM): i like the splicing of the convo between the robbery
    TheBrad84 (1:45:28 PM): interesting choice
    spesliker (1:45:47 PM): agreed
    spesliker (1:46:27 PM): i'd do the dane cook thing
    TheBrad84 (1:46:20 PM): lol
    spesliker (1:46:42 PM): "IT'S ME, IT'S YOUR SON FROM THE FUTURE"
    TheBrad84 (1:47:06 PM): i know its just a trial run. but, a liquor store? you can rob that shi* in the present. i would have liked somethign a little more creative. but, if you got a convience store to shoot in....
    TheBrad84 (1:47:17 PM): *convenience
    spesliker (1:47:33 PM): when in rome
    TheBrad84 (1:47:35 PM): anyways..
    TheBrad84 (1:47:36 PM): im out
    spesliker (1:47:55 PM): have fun drinking
    TheBrad84 (1:47:50 PM): see what i did there? i quoted escape from the past
    TheBrad84 (1:47:53 PM): *high five*
    spesliker (1:48:15 PM): *high five*

    Guys, nice job on this short. Having guns in a liquor store is just plain cool, and although a little rough on the eyes/ears, the flashing bathroom scenes were kinda neat. It felt a little like the style overtook the substance of this one, but we really liked your editing choices as far as structure goes. I want more timecops, because let's face it ... I've had enough of Van Damme and his shenanigans (although, you do get to see that chick from Ferris Buehler's Day Off naked in it, so bonus for that). PEACE. :thumbs up:

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    thanks everyone for their comments, questions, and very constructive criticism, we'll be back next fest, and this time, with our OWN HVX, and a 35 kit. just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to view and comment.

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