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Being a fan of Shawshank, I believe that voice over works when done well. It works here. You keep it short, sweet and to the point.
I use Apocalypse Now as my go to cinematic acid test personally. If I can't at least approach what Micahel Herr did, I go for end-all-be-all of Chandler instead so I can fail at it in a magnicient way. Thank you for the compliment!

"me and her" is an awesome suggestion as I prefer how that sounds too. So cool! And so not grammatically correct to boot. Buck the system I say!

Yeah, I mucked it up with the info tacked onto the end like that in an "unprofessional" way but since title pages were in some sort of contention at the time I just did that instead. Lazy perhaps. Paranoid probably.

And BIG time thank you for checking out my site. I honestly didn't expect it but it's great to hear feedback. I sure do appreciate it.