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    Thanks a lot Andrew. I checked out your web store, but will likely be calling in to submit my order. Have you any idea what the average customs/duty charges work out to be shipping to Canada? I assume (read: I hope) that some buyers in Canada have given feedback regarding that.

    I have a pending sale on my XH-A1 and once that absolutely clears I will give you a call and let you know.

    Thanks again,


    EDIT: What is a cover lens? Is it the same as a lens cover? If so, does the HMC150 NOT come with a lens cover?
    Hello Kegan,

    Jasmine is the best person to talk to about Canadian shipments. The Cover Lens is a really cool product. Here is the webstore link.

    Andrew Hoffman
    Please visit our online store at We are dealers for: Angeniux, v3, Panasonic, JVC, Manfrotto, Kata, Formatt, Reflecmedia, Sennheiser, Hoodman, Switronix, Ikan, Litepanels, Schneider Optics (Century Optics), Zacuto, Dolgin Engineering, AJA, Black Magic, Adobe, DV Film, Grass Valley, Cinetactics, Matrox, Quantum, Barry Green's Video and Books, 1 Beyond, and many more. Priviledged to be a Panasonic Factory Authorized Service Center.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegan Sant View Post
    Well, that's odd. I just spoke with somebody at Compass Xpress (because that's where I got transferred) and they said there was a ship date of December and a price tag of $3970.00 USD and that there were no orders/pre-orders. Did I maybe get a misinformed agent?


    The rep to ask for at Full Compass is Ryan Davis (800-356-5844, extension 1194, or hit 0 and ask for him)
    Tell him I referred you and I guarantee smooth sailing

    Edit: For those that were having problems getting through: 608-831-7330 is the number I usually called, then asked for Ryan.
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    Darren Shroeger | | Traverse City, Michigan

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